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Our 22 month toddler activities!

Last week I was on cloud nine! Yup, our LO wished me on my birthday in his cutest voice. My best birthday gift. Daddy and son gifted me a beautiful card and bag of chocolates :)

We went to Zoo, Children’s Museum and Farm over the past weekends. Skandhu had a blast roaming around places. He was excited to see horses running in pastures! He saw cows grazing grass and said “Cows having mum-mum” (mum-mum is food) :)

Skandhu loves to play on the deck. You would have seen him watering the potted plants. These days, he drags me to the deck and makes me sit beside him. We would sing rhymes, learn new things and have fun. I leave all the work and enjoy “our” evening time playing on the deck. Laundry can wait, dishes can be done later! My first priority is to spend time with my LO. Kids grow up very fast and I don’t want to miss my precious little moments with my little man :)

Enjoying "Our" time

Enjoying "Our" time

Here is an audio clipping of Skandhu saying

  • Numbers from 1 to 10 in Marathi (an Indian language)
  • Months of the year
  • Notes from carnatic music (Sarale varisai)
  • Shapes that he knows.
  • Lord Ganesh and Ram Slokas (verses)

This audio recorded on 5th Sep 2011 (22 months and 21 days)

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