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Sidewalk chalk idea – Preschooler art activity

I should have actually given the title “garage play” instead of side walk chalk activity! We started to scribble on the driveway/side walk but due to rain had to move indoors. LO was stubborn that wouldn’t come inside! So we ended up playing in the garage.

Skandhu knows what emotions are and how our facial expressions change according to the mood. I drew few smiley (simple ones like happy,sad,angry,cry and laugh) and asked him to guess the emotion. Then we played a simple game.

Game rule: Skandha should see the expression on my face and draw/doodle it as a smiley.

Aim: To understand the emotion and express it as an art/scribble.

Skandha was able to draw happy and sad face perfectly. He drew a face with a wide smile and said that it was a “laughing” face (how brilliant!).

Must admit: His angry & cry face doodles didnt look like what I had drawn before. And since he couldnt get the hang of it, he kept asking me to show only happy,sad,laugh face and not angry/cry ones lol! :)

“Amma angry cry ge karuko ma just happy face, sad face and laughing face kara ma” [His order to me in Marathi, Indian language]

Sidewalk chart art - 1

Sidewalk chart art – 1

Sidewalk chart art - 2

Sidewalk chart art – 2


Sidewalk chart art - 3

Sidewalk chart art – 3

Sidewalk chart art - 4

Sidewalk chart art – 4

Sidewalk chart art - 5

Sidewalk chart art – 5

Sidewalk chart art - 6

Sidewalk chart art – 6

Yay!! here is the happy face.

Sidewalk chart art - 7

Sidewalk chart art – 7

Here is a happy face with wide smile. Guess what? LO calls it a laughing face!

Sidewalk chart art - 8

Sidewalk chart art – 8

Here is the sad face!

Sidewalk chart art - 9

Sidewalk chart art – 9


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  1. very fine.understands things

  2. Good Understanding skill and creative thinking

  3. I love sidewalk chalk activities! Sweet photos! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned it to my Outdoor Classroom Pinterest Board at

  4. I love these! The smiley faces look so happy :)

  5. Wow nice drawings skandhu; Superb outdoor activity akka………

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