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Skandha solving puzzle at 22 months!

Skandhu had a great time playing with his grandparents last weekend. He amused and entertained them with his cute gestures and naughty activities! We went to Lemont Hindu temple. Skandhu recited few Shlokas (scared verses) and offered his prayers. The priest was very much excited that he gave Skandhu extra prasad ;) (almonds)

Skandhu loves solving all kind of puzzles. He has been solving such puzzles/activities since he turned 21 months old. Here is a clipping of our LO playing with block puzzle. This video was recorded on 8th September 2011 (22 months and 26 days old).

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Skandhu helps me a lot. You would have seen him helping me do laundry. These days he helps me in cleaning. He loves to throw trash in the “trash can”. Now that’s  definitely a great help. But the trouble is any piece of paper (including bills, pamphlets etc) lying down goes directly to trash :D

Skandhu’s favourite pass time – Scribbling on walls! He keeps drawing on walls, dining table, floors and even on trash can. He’d proudly show his artwork and excitedly exclaim that he has drawn a bird or a airplane or something that comes to his mind :)

Skandhu's drawing on dining table

Skandhu's drawing on dining table

Skandha keenly observes us. He notices how we (me and DH) call each other and says the same! Couple of days back he addressed us by our “pet” names!! For the sake of our little guy, we have started calling each other as “Amma” and “Bapa” (mom and dad)! ;)

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