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Skandha turns 3 years old

Skandha turned 3 years old on 14th of October 2012. We had his birthday party on 13th October at a popular party place. He had a blast playing with his friends and enjoyed the gifts :)

Skandha has graduated from terrible twos to terrible threes (ha ha kidding)! Honestly am proud to say that our LO crossed 2 important milestones apart from joining the regular preschool and riding his bike.

1. Completely potty trained by 2.5 years! Am extremely happy to boast that our son bid adieu to training pants/pull-ups and diaper as early as 2.5 years. We started potty training after he turned 2 years and 2 months (soon after we returned from our disney trip) and were successful in potty training Skandha before 30 months. The best part is that we didn’t bribe him candies/ice-creams to make him poop in the potty. Here are the steps that we used

  • Bought a potty seat (to be used on the big potty). I have heard about kids who easily get trained with the small potty but would refuse to use the bigger one!
  • Read books and watched videos (like elmo goes to potty). Our LO got an idea that elmo (his fav) uses big potty and this helped us to deal with his fear.
  • Do not use words like – yuk/eeks while taking about poop.
  • Be consistent. We first started with making him pee in the potty. We took him to potty at regular intervals. First he would just sit and play with toilet paper, then slowly he felt it was OK to pee (a great victory for us!)
  • One day while peeing, he accidentally pooped in the potty ;) We praised him and gifted him with his favorite treats. Making him pee in potty was much easier than making him poop!
  • Slowly he understood that big kids do not use pull-ups.
  • We saw a animated video of a kid learning to use potty. There was jingle which went like “I know how to use the potty….”. We tweaked the song lil bit and sang it this way-

Skandhu knows how to go to potty
Skandhu is a big kid now
No more diapers, no more pull-ups and no more wet pants now…
Skandhu knows how to go to potty
Skandhu is a big kid now

Even if he didnt use the potty (in the initial days of potty training), he kept singing the jingle and had fun :)

We had enrolled Skandha in one of the best schools in the neighborhood. The only requirement was that he should be potty trained. Skandhu was very much excited to join the school (fun to ride the school bus!) and we kept building the excitement of going to school. At same time we also reminded him that he should get potty trained else he wouldnt have fun at the school. Thankfully “our idea” worked and LO started to use potty to do his job ;)

2. Moved to big boy room by 2 years and 8 months! This is yet another milestone that our LO accomplished with ease. We had planned to shift him to his room by the time turns 3 years old.

  • We first painted his room. Skandhu joined us and was totally excited to see his room get a makeover.
  • He joined daddy in painting his room.
  • We did simple artwork with him and hung them in his room.
  • We bought (simple yet kid friendly) lighting of his choice and decorated his room with simple accents.
  • We thought it would be a lil challenging for us to make him sleep in his room but to our surprise our LO was too excited that he asked us to go to our room and said that he would sleep in HIS ROOM!!! Believe me I was almost in (happy) tears to see our boy being independent and very confident!
Skandhu's 3rd birthday party celebrations

Skandhu’s 3rd birthday party celebrations

“Skandha, we are very happy and proud to have you as our son! We pray the almighty to bless you with joy and happiness. Our blessings and wishes are always with you!! Have a fun filled and happy year ahead! Happy 3rd birthday!”

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  1. Birthday Wishes to the 3 year old! Here comes the whys and hows :)

    Enjoy the journey

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