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Skandhu reciting Alphabets!!

Skandha turned 21 months old! He is trying to catch up lots of words. He imitates every word that we utter :) He knows alphabets, numbers, animal names and lots more!! Here is an audio clipping of Skandhu reciting alphabets. This was recorded a week back (20 months & 3 weeks old)! He still doesn’t know how to say L & Q :D

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Skandhu loves to play on the dining table. He sure gives me lots of “freeze in fear” moments!

Skandhu playing on the dining table

Skandhu playing on the dining table

Trying to jump on the table.

Standing on the table

Recently we introduced sweetened cereal (chocolate cheerios). Skandhu loves it! Wants to have this for every meal :-| I have not yet introduced any other sweets/cakes/pastries/candies/even juice.

Cheerios yumyum

Cheerios yumyum

Mommy Tip: Do not introduce sweets/desserts before 2 years. Try giving lots of fruits and vegetables.  Once kids grow they will automatically learn about sweet treats ;) My Pead recommends giving fresh fruits than juice. If you want to start juice, try diluted and sugar free ones.

What are the activities that you can do with your toddler at home?:  There are lots of fun things to do at home with your toddler like dancing, playing hide & seek, reading books, playing musical instruments, bubble play, painting and much more!

Here are more “fun things” :

Skandhu loves to help mommy in all the house hold chores! Yup I have a big helper (hope so!). He helps me  in doing laundry, unloading dishwasher, picking up toys/books and much more. He will be the one to close door after we enter/leave the room. Holding 1 gallon milk jug and closing the fridge would be tough rite? That’s why my little helper comes running to close the fridge door ;)

Once wash cycle is done, I open both washer and dryer. Skandhu loves to transfer the load from washer to dryer. Once laundry is done, he helps me with unloading dryer and sometimes in folding his clothes.

Skandhu likes tinkering with the appliances. I make sure to turn on “Child lock” in all our appliances.

Mommy’s Tip in raising a independent toddler: Skandhu is becoming more independent and we encourage that.

We let him eat all by himself (been doing that ever since he stopped taking baby food). He would make big mess. Still we feel happy to see him feed himself. I have seen parents who keep feeding their kids even after they start regular school! Let your kid feed himself. Yes first few days he may not eat properly or make mess. That’s ok. He would eventually master the art.

Our LO loves to dress by himself. 1-3 yrs is the time when kids love to dress up by themselves. It helps in intellectual development too. Our 21 months old can wear his shorts/pants by himself!

Skandhu loves to take bath by himself! He likes to play with hand shower. I let him play in water while I finish making bed or cleaning bathroom counter. Don’t ask me about the mess :P Bathroom floor would almost be a pool!

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