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Skandhu riding his bike @ 2 years and 8 months!!

Just few days ago I had posted about Skandhu riding his tri-cycle. Now he has graduated to riding BIKE! We live in a wonderful community with lots of kids around. Being summer here, kids enjoy playing outdoors. Skandhu loves to play with them. Believe me he has friends in all age group and kids  8 – 10 yrs old are his best pals ;)

I must appreciate the older kids (8-10 yrs). They understand that Skandhu is pretty young and play according to his age and capabilities. Nine yrs old V (V anna as called by Skandhu) taught him to ride the bike! He patiently  explained how to balance the bike, turn the handle bar and pedal swiftly. Within a week Skandhu mastered the skill! In fact the kids were surprised to see him learn so fast :)

Here is the video clipping of Skandhu riding his bike. Recorded on 17th July 2012 ( 2 years and 9 months old)

Skandhu is a doodle artist. His creative brain comes up with wonderful doodle sketches. His latest doodle art – A race car!

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