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Skandhu’s activities at 22 months!

Hiya folks! Hope everyone had a wonderful Krishna Janmashtami. We had a nice time too. Skandhu (mis)understood that it was “Krishna (his cousin)’s” b’day :) He stood with his hands folded, as we offered our prayers to the lord and he kept chanting “OM DEBA”!!

["OM is the scared verse/syllable in Hinduism and Deva in Marathi means "Lord"]

Skandhu is learning things at exponential rate. He can say alphabets, numbers (1 to 10), days of the week, can sing 3-4 rhymes, talks a lot about animals, nature and much more! Our 22 months toddler forms sentences. If he wants me to open the door, he would ask “Amma open door”!! [Amma is mom]

These days Skandha appreciates my cooking! It feels ecstatic to hear him say “yummy yummy”. One day after a long walk and play in the park, Skandhu was extremely tired and thirsty. Back home he gulped water from his cup and stated “Yummy Paani” :D [ Paani means water]

Skandhu enjoys watering the plants. He loves to touch the flowers, leaves and grass. “Amma Plants water” is his way of asking me to water the plants.

Our little helper

Our little helper

Our yet to be 2 yrs old naughty brat climbed the metal bars in the play area by himself. Whenever we pass by any play-area, Skandhu keeps shouting – “Swing, Slide, Spin”… At times he makes a big fuss to hit the play ground!

Our 22 month toddler in the play area

Our 22 month toddler in the play area

Here is an audio clipping of Skandhu answering to our questions. It was recorded on 19th Aug 2011 (22 months and 5 days old)

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We teach him both Marathi and English.  Every time we introduce a new word in English, we make sure that he learns its equivalent in Marathi as well.

Mommy’s Tips:

What to teach your toddler: Sky is the limit :) You can talk about every thing! While eating you teach him about fruits, vegetables, their color etc. While bathing you can show him his body parts. While walking in the park you can teach about nature. You can teach him alphabets while you read a book.You can sing rhymes with your toddler. Use your imagination and enjoy pretend plays too!

Note: Do not force your kid to learn your way. Wait for the cues. If your kid is extremely interested he will enjoy the learning process. Trying to dump/making them mug up is not the correct way.

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