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Namakaranam Ceremony

We celebrated the naming ceremony of our darling son on October 31st. We have named him “Aanand V Vishvambhar” aka “Skandha”. His grandparents, aunts, uncle and his cousins attended the function. Panaji (great grandmother) blessed him through yahoo chat (thanks to the internet!) Aachar performed the rituals and kutty paiyan peacefully listened to his names being uttered by all the elders. He received lots of gifts and not to forget… loads and loads of blessings :)

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  1. I’m new to parenting. My sister moved on to a better place a few months ago and because my nephew has never meet his dad, he wanted to stay with me. It wasn’t hard to say, yes. He is family and I love the little guy. I’m in search of everything I can locate on the web about raising a child because I want to be the best uncle a kid can have so, thank you for the blog post and now I must move on to the next one.

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