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Naughty Skandhu

Skandhu is becoming very naughty these days! He is all rolly polly and mobile. He wants to tear mommy’s magazine, snatch daddy’s specs, pull the netbook power cord, sip coffee from daddy’s coffee mug and wat not….!!

Naughty Skandhu

Naughty Skandhu

These days Skandhu wants to “sit” (like we do) in his car seat. He wouldn’t lie down! He enjoys car ride in highways. He screams/cries when we wait for signals or pass by the “Stop” sign :( [still we do obey the traffic on board :) ]

We become so tired shopping with this little fellow! He enjoys outings, but doesnt want to sit in car seat. Wants to be carried! Ahhh… our shoulders ache :( Have to get a sling… The gud part in carrying?  Tons of compliments for our little hero. His flashing cute smile fetches lots of (female) admirers… :)

Pappu is now marching towards his next milestone. From last couple of days he is been trying very hard to “Sit”. He almost sat yesterday but couldn’t stay in that position for long! Am sure he would figure out the strategy very soon… Its feels happy to see our kid grow :)

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