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Alphabet games for Preschoolers (and Kindergarten)

There are lots of simple alphabet games that you can play with your preschooler and keep him engaged. This post is a sequel to “Alphabet match game“. I have listed 3 different alphabet activities in this post. There are a few more literacy activities that your preschooler might enjoy. Click on the links to read more about each activity -

1. Alphabet game for preschoolers - Matching letters with corresponding pictures.
2. Alphabet match game - Matching capital and small letters

Hope you liked the above activities. Here are a few more…

3. Sorting big and small letters - Use 2 bowls. One big and one small. Ask your child to put the big letters in the bigger bowl and small letters in the smaller bowl.
Aim: Understanding the difference between big and small (using bowls). Recognition of capital and small letters.

Preschool alphabet games - 1

Preschool alphabet games – 1

Preschool alphabet games - 2

Preschool alphabet games – 2

4. Find the missing letters - Place the alphabets in the right order removing a few letters from the list. Ask your child to fill in the gaps with the right alphabet.
Aim: Alphabet order .

Preschool alphabet games - 3

Preschool alphabet games – 3


5. Arrange in proper order – Jumble the letters and ask your child to put them in the correct order.
Aim: Logical thinking to place the letters in the right order.


Preschool alphabet games - 4

Preschool alphabet games – 4

In my previous post, I had used bottle caps to make alphabets. You can use alphabet magnets/alphabet foam shapes to play this game. Or you can even download the alphabet table (given below). This PDF file has both capital and small letters. You just have to cut them and use. Click on the image to download the alphabet table. Let me know if you have trouble downloading the file.

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