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Alphabet match game

My LO started school last fall and has learnt to read and write alphabets & numbers. Instead of concentrating on writing worksheet (which they do it in school anyway) we play simple games that doubles as learning activities. Here is an alphabet match game that we played recently. You can start playing this with your LO as soon as you introduce alphabets. I collected milk caps and used it in our activity.

Activity: Match the lower case letters with the corresponding upper case letters.
Aim: Alphabet recognition, difference between upper and lower case letters.

Preschool alphabet match game

Preschool alphabet match game

Alphabet match game - 1

Alphabet match game – 1

Alphabet match game - 2

Alphabet match game – 2

Alphabet match game - 3

Alphabet match game – 3

Alphabet match game - 4

Alphabet match game – 4

Alphabet match game - 5

Alphabet match game – 5

Some more additions to this game:

  1. While your child matches the letters, ask him to come up with at least 2 (more for older kids) words that begin with that letter. Here is an example – (audio recorded on 21st Feb 2013)
  2. Learning sounds (phonics) is as important as alphabet recognition. You can ask your child to say the sound that each letter makes.
  3. Listen or sing together the alphabet songs. Barbara¬†Milne’s “Alphabet song” and “Every letter makes a sound” ¬†are our favourite!


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  2. This is an excellent idea. Where can I print the mats used?

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