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Christmas paper chain

We had been to Aanand’s preschool Christmas program. It was a feast to hear the little ones sing for us. The program took place at the school sanctuary. The hall was full and we were very eager to see our LO on the stage. I thought that it would be difficult for Aanand to find us in the huge crowd… but to our surprise, as soon as he walked on the stage LO surfed the entire hall and found us!!! He happily waved to us and proudly said to his teacher – “MY MOM & DAD ARE HERE!” Needless to say we were extremely happy :)

After the program all the kids with their parents met for a reception. Aanand said “I enjoyed the birthday party!” One of the parent who was standing nearby gently corrected him – “Honey its Christmas party and not birthday party“. Our 3 years and 2 months old smiled at her and said – “yeah Christmas is Jesus birthday so its Jesus birthday party!” All of us were amused and she agreed – “yes Aanand you put it the right way!:)

Our 3 year old joins me in wishing you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year.

We made a simple Christmas craft at home. Its nothing but a paper chain garland! It is one of the easiest craft that you could do with your preschooler. This craft does involve fine motor activities like – cutting or scissors practice, drawing straight line, looping, glueing and much more. On the whole it is fun family craft.

You can use this paper garland to decorate your Christmas tree or give your fireplace or hallway a festive look. You will be interested to know that -

In china, they decorate their Christmas tree with bright paper chains in addition to ornaments and tinsels. The paper chain symbolizes happiness and represents eternity and family’s never ending bond! (source: Woman’s world)

Note: We didn’t do the entire activity in a day. We concentrated on cutting (fine motor skill) for the first 3-4 days. We spent around 10-15 mins everyday working on the scissors skill. Once we gathered enough paper strips, we sat down to make the chain. It took us around 30 mins to make the garland!

Preschool scissor activity - 1

Preschool scissors activity – 1

I let my son use ruler to draw straight lines. Sometimes I had to hold the ruler to give an extra grip.

Preschool ruler activity

Preschool ruler activity

Preschool scissors activity - 2

Preschool scissors activity – 2

Preschool scissors activity - 3

Preschool scissors activity – 3

Christmas paper chain - 1

Christmas paper chain – 1

Christmas paper chain - 2

Christmas paper chain – 2

Christmas paper chain - 3

Christmas paper chain – 3

Here is a video tutorial of how to make a paper chain. Our 3 years and 2 months old has tried hard to explain in his way :) Hope you enjoy this!

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Happy crafting :)

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