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Grocery bag storage idea and small motor activity

How do you store the grocery bags? There was a time when I carried re-usable totes everywhere to avoid the plastic bags. Now, with two babies in diapers, I find these bags very handy. The only way that I knew was to store them was to dump all the bags within a huge bag and hide it in the cabinet below the sink! But after I searched the treasure trove PINTEREST, I found many many interesting, cheap diy grocery bag storage ideas!

Here is one – Use an empty tissue(napkin) box!! Brilliant! isn’t it??

The idea is to roll the bags into small balls and store them in the tissue box. You can either stick the box to the cabinet doors or keep one near the sink for easy access.

When I first saw this, I knew I would definitely try it out. But when I sat down to roll the bags, I thought why not include my 4 years old too. He loves to help me!

This simple activity of rolling the bags into small balls involves lots of fine motor activity - rolling, squeezing and pressing!

My preschooler could store 15 bags in the Kleenex box! But actually if you try, you may even store up to 25!! Saves a lot of space right?!

NOTE: pls do not try this with toddlers/small kids. Always supervise your children when playing with plastic bags.

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