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Pony beads Christmas tree ornament

Can you believe this year has almost ended!? Few more days left for the holidays. This year has been eventful for us. We started the year being pregnant with twins. We managed to pull through without any help till my due. Ended having an emergency C-Section (that was not what I had planned…sigh!) yet delivered healthy full term baby boys. Sleepless nights, c-section scar pain, visits to physical therapist, in-laws leaving to India, weather change, kids getting sick on and off….phew!! Tiresome!

On the brighter side – Babies have started army crawling, venturing out of their play mats, trying to grab their brother’s toys ;) and keeping us busy.

We started our holiday celebrations with setting up our Christmas tree, decking up the porch with holiday lights and having fun making few itty bitty holiday crafts. Last week we focused on decorating our tree with some home made ornaments.

Materials required:

Pony beads
Pipe cleaners/Chenille stems (Both from dollar tree)


pony beads ornaments

pony beads ornaments

Twist and turn the pipe cleaners to make the desired shapes.

Child made Christmas ornaments

Child made Christmas ornaments

Our chirstmas tree

Our Christmas tree

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  1. 2013 did seem to gallop away quite fast but I am sure doubly so for you.

    Happy Holidays and hope you have a wonderful holiday seasons

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