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Preschool thanksgiving craft

Here is a thanksgiving card that my preschooler (3 years & one month old) did for his teachers. He gave his artwork and thanked his teachers for their help :) His teachers were very happy to receive the card.

Activity: I traced LO’s palm on a sheet of paper. Skandha colored the fingers which represents the wings of the turkey. Then I drew eyes, beak and legs to complete the picture. later we took letter stamps and printed the most special words “Thank you”.
Materials required: White paper, color pencils/crayons, foam letter stamps

Preschooler's thanksgiving card

Preschooler thanksgiving card

How to make the letter stamp: I got this idea from mommy bloggers. The foam letters are from the letter puzzle bought from dollar store. I glued the foam letters to milk caps and made the stamps. The stamp pad is from Target’s dollar aisle.

Foam letter stamp

Foam letter stamp

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