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Teaching preschooler to write – Strengthening finger muscles

Before starting to teach a preschooler to write, we have to concentrate on strengthening those tiny finger muscles. This helps them in holding the pencil properly and writing without experiencing pain.

My 38 months old has started to write. He still uses both his hands to write. He can spell and write his name without any mistake. Since he comes up with at least one writing worksheet everyday, I assume he gets enough writing practice at school! So I don’t force him to trace/write alphabets/numbers at home unless he asks for it. Instead we do lots of other activities which indirectly improves his writing skill.

¬†Here is a simple exercise that would help strengthen your LO’s finger muscles – Stretching rubber band.

Activity: Ask your child  to stretch rubber band and wrap it around a bottle/door knob.
Aim: preschool finger exercise, improving handwriting.

Stretching rubber band activity

Stretching rubber band activity

Here is video tutorial of “rubber band play” explained by my preschooler :)

Bean transfer is another simple activity that helps in improving your child’s grip. Take 2 bowls. Fill one with beans. Ask your child to scoop the beans, take fist full and transfer them to the other bowl. Count together as he repeats the activity to completely transfer all the beans. Ask him if he can do this with his other hand.

Aim: Finger exercise, counting and concentration.

Preschool bean transfer activity

Preschool bean transfer activity

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  1. what a nice way to guide preschool child? very very great.No words to appreciate both parents& child

  2. I came across this post by accident but this is so perfect for me as I was planning to google for activities to do with my son to strengthen his hands later today! Our activies up to now were playing with plasticine, transferring items with tweezers, and cutting salad. Looking forward to adding these activities to the mix! Thanks!

  3. These are great tips! My son has low muscle tone and I will try these hopefully it helps, do you have anymore!?

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