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Valentine’s day craft – simple wall decor

Valentine day wishes from our family to yours :) XOXO!

We enjoyed making this simple “Love” wall decor and couldn’t resist sharing it here. As usual this activity involves lots of fine motor skills.

Materials used:

Construction paper (worth buying at dollar store)
Child safe scissors
Photo Frame (optional, again, a dollar store find)

Step 1: Ask your child to cut the construction paper into small strips (more like paper confetti). If you have a hole punch that would make a wonderful fine motor activity too.

Cutting in progress

Cutting in progress

Step 2: Draw a heart shape (parent can help with this) and trace it with glue. Using (liq) glue requires more practice than glue stick.

Tracing line with glue

Tracing line with glue

Almost done...

Almost done…

Step 3: Add the paper strips and wait till it dries.

Sprinkling the paper confetti

Sprinkling the paper confetti

Skandhu’s “love” artwork is ready to be displayed!

Tada... a lovely heart!

Tada… a lovely heart!

Here it is! Our living room welcomes us with this beautiful decor made by our loving son :)

Our preschooler's DIY wall decor

Our preschooler’s DIY wall decor

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