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Bath time fun

Hi readers. This is Skandhu here :) Amma wanted to brag about our bathing routine. Well I said i shall tell our readers as to how I enjoy my bath time. Amma says am a good boy as I never cry while bathing. It seems most of the kids of my age cry their heart out while taking bath… but why should I cry? Amma gently massages my body with coconut oil and we do small exercises. Doctor uncle says that this kind of massage will make me strong :) Amma baths me in tepid water. I love the traditional way of lying on Amma’s legs and enjoying the warm water bath. I once had bathtub kuliyal too… but that wasn’t fun! After a nice shower, I enjoy my siesta. I just now finished my bath and its time for my nap. See u all later :)

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  1. what a nice! bath is playtime to rai!

  2. Today my baby was born! Frank Luis Gomez became part of our family at 9:23 AM!Before the baby it was intimidating, but after reading a few books, it was no longer a worry of mine.

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