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Weekend getaway to Madison!!!

We are back from a refreshing trip to Madison, the state capital of Wisconsin. Madison is a great place to check out especially with kids. We enjoyed our time at Madison children’s museum, Henry Vilas zoo and at Cave of the mounds!

Skandhu had a blast at the children’s museum. He tried his hands at various activity centres. Madison Children’s Museum offers  lots of  activities to engage babies/toddlers. Skandhu spent time  building towers with magnetic blocks. He enjoyed playing with toys, colouring with crayons and roaming around the exhibits.

We went to “Cave of the Mounds”, the natural limestone cave! We were amazed to see the limestone stalactites and stalagmites!! It was a 45 minutes tour within the cave. Strollers were not allowed so we had to carry Skandha. Tour guide walked us through the cave explaining the history of this natural treasure.

Limestone Stalactites

Limestone Stalactites

Skandhu wanted to get down and run around (his usual self!) in the cave. He never cried of fear of the darkness inside the cave! We played a pretend game. We kept telling him that we were in search of Elmo (his favourite!). He is hiding inside the cave and we are going to find him. Every time the guide flashed her torch on the limestones, Skandhu would shout “ELMO” :D It was fun. We took snaps inside the cave and it was a wonderful experience!!

We also visited the 100 years old Henry vilas zoo. Clean, quite and roomy is all I could say. Skandhu was excited to see the animals. He knows how the lion roars!! We saw a cute cub (5 months old). He was too cute :)

This vacation was short, sweet and memorable! Looking forward for more such weekend getaways :)

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  1. sweet experiance to sweet with sweets

  2. Madison!!!!!! my beautiful second home after Ambala, I love everything about that city :) – the lakes, the topography, the peace n’ quiet, the natural beauty, capitol, cave, wengra, medota, monona……aaaahhhhh Madison!!!!!! Nice to read you guys were there……

  3. vidhai onru pottal surai onru mulaikuma ?
    skandhu is like mom and dad.

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